From the PreHacks Team

We at BU Spark! are super excited to have you on board as a PreHacks ambassador. Here at Spark! we’re building an

environment of inclusivity and diversity in the world of tech, and you, as an ambassador, are at the frontline of our mission. 

From this day onward, you’re part of a network of individuals across the United States that work together to create opportunities for students that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Your role is critical is bridging the gender-gap in computer science and tech overall. 


Throughout the coming months, you’ll work to create an in-school group of students who are interested in joining us at TechTogether this January. 


Goals are set on an individual basis according to school size. They’re always aligned with what you believe you as an ambassador can accomplish. You’ll be given the freedom to adjust your goals as you see fit. We hope that you’re excited to work by our side in making PreHacks 2020 the most successful PreHacks to date! 


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